1. The invoice/statement is made up of several sections.
  2. Section 1 lists your customer information and the account summery for the previous month (if applicable).
  3. Section 2 lists all of the current activity for the previous month. This includes registrations, fees assessed, withdrawals, and any credits that may have been issued on your account.
  4. Section 3 is your remittance slip. This should be cut off and mailed back to us with your payment.
  5. An invoice number will appear in the upper right corner of the invoice/statement.
  6. Withdrawals are credited to your account in the month we received the request from your organization.
  7. The balance that is due is the current balance on your account as of the invoice/statement date.

A separate purchase order is required for the bookstore. You can send those to:

BYU Bookstore
I.S. Department

Provo, UT 84602 

or fax it in to 801-422-0070. We cannot be responsible for any book orders sent to our office.

Check your email for a no-reply email from BYU containing a link. Click on the link and be ready to enter your birthdate. You will go through a series of security questions and set up your Net ID (username) and password.

Course materials are available for some courses, please check online or in our catalog for availability. All course materials are available online as well for your reference as well.

For those customers that submit their enrollment forms via email, we will reply to the address that submitted the enrollment form with the students name and confirmation number. For all other submissions, we email the educational contact we have on file in our database.

A purchase order is a document from your accounts payable department that Independent Study accepts as payment at time of enrollment. A purchase order is a promise to pay and is treated as payment until your organization is invoiced, allowing your organization pay for courses one monthly payment.

An account must be set up with Brigham Young University in order for Independent Study to extend credit to your organization. Purchase orders can either be on a student by student and course by course basis or they can be set up for larger numbers of registrations and/or fees.

We process each purchase order form within 1–2 business days of receiving it. Please do not call in to see if we received the fax until after the 1–2 business day period. You may then call 1-866-741-9144 and a financial support representative can provide you course access codes and other information. If you call this number 1–2 business days after you have submitted the purchase order and we do not have your course access codes ready, we did not receive your fax and you should send it again.